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Gastronomic offer of the 'Lopoč' Restaurant is especially distinguished by its specialties, according to which the Lower Neretva region has entered all the gastronomic guides. But, we should point out that there is a variety of preparing these specialties in different parts of the Neretva Valley. The typical example is famous 'brudet' ( fish stew) the Neretva’s style made from frog and eel, well-known as 'Momići' at the 'Lopoč' Restaurant, because it is absolutely different from all others in the region. Instead of frog, eel and flounder are the ingredients. There you can find other local specialties of the house such as smoke-dried eel paté, smoked eel salad, steak Domagoj style or duck chasseur.

We only use fresh fish, meat and vegetables

Except standard meals to order and a choice of grilled meals that you can have in our restaurant, here is the list of some of them, owing to which our satisfied guests keep visiting us over and over again:
- Smoke-dried eel paté*
- Smoked eel salad*
- 'Brudet' (stew) from eel and frog or flounder Neretva (Momići) style*
- Spit-roasted eel
- Frog ( batter-fried, grilled or in 'brudet' stew)
- Various sea-water fish and seafood
- Grilled scallop Domagoj style (with Dalmatian prosciutto ham and cheese from the town of Livno) *
- Meals, made under a baking lid called 'sačura', such as veal, lamb, duck or chicken with potatoes
- Duck chasseur with gnocchi*
* indicates the recipe typical for the 'Lopoč' Restaurant

Beside a wide range of different sorts of wine from our wine cellar, we can also offer our guests local red and white wines made from grapes of our own vineyards cultivated in the warm climate of the Neretva Valley. Those local wines go well with the local specialties from frog and eel.