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 Restaurant Lopoc  ●  Momici  ●  Kula Norinska  ●   Croatia
Phone: + 385 20 693 034  ●  e-mail: momici@restaurant-lopoc.com

LOPOČ restaurant is situated in the town of Momici. Its name comes from the flower found in many swamps of the Neretva valley. The Town of Momići is right in the heart of the Neretva valley, 7 km away from the town of Metković, on the old Napoleon highway towards the town of Vrgorac. In that sophisticated geographical corner, under the umbrella of untouched nature with a spice of modern society, you can expect to receive rich culinary offerings. You will enjoy local gastronomic specialties whether you prefer fish; meat or vegetarian dishes. These include eels, frogs, liska, Neretva fish stew known as 'Neretva Brudet' and as special offering duck in various ways including our hunter's recipe. Restaurant LOPOČ is your guide to the ways of these lands. We invite you to take a ride on 'The Green River - Lost City' excursion. You will be exploring magnificent fauna & flora by travelling on an old-styled Neretva boat known as 'Lađa'. This excursion will take you through the paths of many warriors that have travelled through these lands throughout the history of times. Excursions start from the roman ancient city of Narona and end in our restaurant LOPOČ in the town of Momići. We are sure it will be a memorable trip as it will satisfy even the most demanding traveller.



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